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When you Refer

Your patient will be treated with compassionate care and will receive the best treatment available. After treatment, your patient will be returned to your ongoing care, as we do not offer any ongoing medication management or psychotherapy. We are exclusively in the business of providing the best quality, most affordable and convenient TMS services for mental health service providers.

We will convey information regarding your patient throughout the treatment process, and we will encourage your participation to the level that you feel comfortable. Your patient’s medications will not be adjusted, changed or stopped without your knowledge or input. Upon completion of TMS Therapy, your patient will return to your care and we will continue to serve in a consultative manner as requested or needed. Research has shown that patients receiving TMS are more responsive to other treatment modalities during and after their TMS treatment, so it is important to continue therapy during the course of TMS treatment. You and your patient are always welcome to follow up with our staff with any questions, concerns, or feedback at any time.

We welcome inquires about TMS Therapy and how it may help some of your patients. We would also like to extend an open invitation to you and your staff to visit our office, see the TMS Therapy System, and learn more about the treatment process. We would also be happy to schedule a presentation in your office.