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Anxiety disorders are a group of mental illness that characterizes a constant feeling of fear and inhibits you from leading your life normally. Suffering from anxiety can lead individuals to experience excessive and intense bouts of fear and concern about everyday events. Interfering with your daily activities, anxiety disorders involve frequent episodes of sudden feelings of intense fear or terror that climax within minutes (panic attacks). This disorder can range from feeling simple nervousness to experiencing a crippling sense of anxiety.

With anxiety, an overwhelming feeling troubles you at all times. This disorder can have an incapacitating effect on your life, be it social, professional or personal. By seeking appropriate treatment, such as TMS therapy for anxiety, you can take back the reins in your hands. Anxiety disorders can easily be managed with early diagnosis. Following are the five major types of anxiety disorders that may require anxiety treatment provided in St.Cloud, MN:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder: if you’re suffering from this disorder, you’re likely to feel excessive and an unrealistic amount of tension and worry, for little to no reason.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder: in this form of the disorder, you start feeling increasingly overwhelmed or self-conscious about everyday social scenarios. With such a condition, you start feeling as if others are judging or ridiculing you, and owing to this, you start feeling embarrassed.
  • Specific Phobia: in this form of anxiety, you feel intense anxiety or fear from specific situations or objects, such as water, flying, height or an animal. The fear you experience goes beyond what’s considered normal and may cause you to avoid normal situations.
  • Panic Disorder: if you experience a panic disorder, then you start experiencing sweats, feel palpitations or have chest pain. With terror and fear striking at random times, you can start to feel as if you’re having a heart attack or are choking.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): this is a type of disorder that you’re likely to develop after exposure to a terrifying ordeal, which has caused you physical harm and mental trauma. These events include military combat, accidents or violent personal assaults.

With the following symptoms hampering the way you lead your life or interact socially, opting for TMS therapy for anxiety at St.Cloud TMS becomes necessary.

  • Sleep problems
  • Dry mouth
  • Tense muscles
  • Dizziness
  • Heart palpitations
  • The inability to stay calm and still
  • A sense of panic, uneasiness and fear
  • Numb, sweaty and cold feet or hands

Battling Anxiety Disorders with an Appropriate Course of Action

If you are battling with minor forms of anxiety, then opting for non-clinical solutions is a plausibility. These solutions are inclusive of trying our relaxation techniques, adopting stress management tactics or communicating with a reliable person. However, for severe forms of anxiety, comprehensive measures are necessary.

After a diagnosis, it is understandable for you to opt for other treatment options, however, TMS therapy for anxiety is likely to exhibit faster and better results. TMS therapy is a noninvasive treatment in which an electromagnetic coil is placed on your scalp. These magnetic pulses emitted from the device, painlessly pass through your skull and stimulate nerve cells in the different regions of your brain.

If you suffer from anxiety disorders, you’re likely to experience issues with the regulation of emotions, behaviors or impulses due to imbalances prevalent within the limbic system (the emotional center of the brain). Owing to your amygdala (present within your limbic system) being hyperactive, you get disruptive worrying that characterizes an anxiety disorder. Hence, with effective stimulation, TMS works to bring the neurons in your brain back to a normal level of activity, thus reducing your symptoms of anxiety. At St.Cloud TMS, we work on encouraging your brain structure to work in an optimal manner, in order to provide you with optimal wellbeing.