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Finding a Treatment Plan for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental health disorder in which individuals have unwanted, recurring thoughts, or ideas (obsessions) that drive them to do something repeatedly (compulsions). This anxiety disorder is characterized by unwanted thoughts and compulsion that can start to interfere with a person’s daily activities and social interactions. People who have this disorder have a hard time keeping their mind off the obsession or either stopping themselves from enacting their compulsions.

Impairing your professional, personal and social life, OCD can have serious implications on your quality of life. People with OCD tend to have rigid routines, due to focused thoughts or repetitive behavior – they start feeling inhibited in leading a liberated life. All of us can have thoughts that have a repetitive pattern. However, a person suffering from OCD has thoughts or actions that do the following:

  • Are beyond their control
  • Aren’t enjoyable or pleasurable
  • Take up at least an hour a day
  • Interfere with their social life, work, or personal relationships

Finding an obsessive-compulsive disorder treatment in St.Cloud through us can prove to be instrumental in helping you gain respite from such a distressing and troubling disorder. Providing TMS therapy for OCD, we help put your life back on the right track and empower you to improve your wellbeing. By undergoing an obsessive-compulsive disorder diagnosis at our St.Cloud-based clinic, you can harness the use of treatment plans that are innovative and superior in the value they provide.

Most individuals understand that their thoughts or habits don’t make sense. Hence, they don’t carry out these behaviors because they enjoy them; instead, they continue to do them because they can’t quit. Making efforts to stop or stopping eventually pushes them to start again, as they feel bad or have repetitive thoughts about them. OCD mostly falls into any of the below-mentioned four categories. If you find yourself grappling with the following symptoms on a regular basis, then it is a sign of concern.

  • Contamination: if you constantly fear that things might be dirty and therefore feel the compulsion to clean them. You can also experience mental contamination, where you feel you’ve been treated like dirt.
  • Checking: if you constantly keep checking things such as alarm systems, light switches, gas knobs, locks or if you constantly think you have a medical condition, such as being pregnant or schizophrenic.
  • Rumination & Intrusive Thoughts: if you’re obsessed with a line of thought, with some of these thoughts being disturbing and violent.
  • Symmetry & Ordering: if you constantly feel the need to line things in a certain manner.

Gain Control of Your Thoughts & Actions with OCD TMS Treatment

Either medication, CBT or TMS, settling on a suitable OCD treatment is necessary. Otherwise, it can drive you to seclude yourself and develop other mental conditions. The etiology of OCD is from problems in communication between the deeper structures of the brain and the frontal region. The medical treatment thus consists of medication (SSRIs), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) or TMS therapy as an individualized plan.

By looking through and diagnosing the following elements, a therapist will rule out whether you have OCD or not. These elements are inclusive of the following:

  • Obsessive thoughts can include doubting your partner or being constantly aware of your breathing and blinking.
  • Compulsive habits can include feeling the need to count things or fear of using public toilets.

Through opting for TMS therapy for OCD , at St.Cloud TMS, you’ll undergo therapy where magnetic pulses will be passed through your skull in a pain-free manner. This will lead to the stimulation of nerve cells within the brain. TMS therapy for OCD works by modifying communication between different regions of the brain.

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